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Editor’s Picks:

Grimard catching a fly ball in left field. (1st)

Colby salutes the efforts of the National Guard.

Colby having trouble catching an infield fly ball.

A-WOL pitching.

Ron makes the stop, but not in time for a play. (3rd)

Aleksey gives gaves chase to a fly ball in center field.

Ron looks on as the "Bergstein Bump" is applied for the out.

Jerry and a player from Milestones do the chicken dance between innings.

Ashish and Dante are on hand to evalute the team's performance. (5th)

Ron hesitates after watching a pitch slip through a dimensional disturbance.

Bergstein vs. Guy in Red Shoe II: the force out at 3rd.

A-WOL looks on as Colby fields a grounder for a 1-3 force out.

Stella contemplates her next at-bat.(6th)

Aleskey and Misha watch some ants hack into a Blackberry.

First basewomen mistakenly prevents an Aleksey grounder from going foul, leading to a hit.

Lijun gets ready for the "Bats of Furry" maneuver.

Baserunner avoids contact with the ball after Bergstein has trouble catching it.

Misha looks on as Avi catches an infield pop-up... with a glove.

The Greek spy has seen enough.

Jerry points to where he is going to hit the ball before hitting an RBI single.(7th)
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