The Absent Fan Report Index
Hardhitting commentary and analysis ... from someone who wasn't there

Who is this mysterious "Absent Fan"? 

Sport reporters and analyst get their information by either watching the games in person or on television. However, a budding reporter wishes to challenge the industry with the notion that you don’t need to watch the games to report on them.

Cleverly named “The Absent Fan”, this anonymous sports reporter will purposely avoid the tradition avenues of journalism such as player interviews and first hand game analysis. Instead, this journalist will rely on second hand accounts and hear-say information to report from a truly unique perspective: what people thoughts were during the game.

Report Listing

  • Game 1: University Office Park
  • Game 2: Tufts Health Plan Corp.
  • Game 3: Up To Date
  • Game 4: Racepoint Group
  • Game 5: Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Game 6: Mass Medical Society
  • Game 7: Milestones, Inc
  • Game 8: University Office Park
  • Game E1: Exhibition Game 1
  • Game 9: Tufts Health Plan Corp.

  • Game P1: Playoffs - Semi-finals
  • Game P1b: Playoffs - Make-up Game Discussion
  • Game P2: Playoffs - Semi-finals Make-up
  • Game P3: Playoffs - Finals