Contact Information

If you would like to contact Andy Wolan, the webmaster of this site, send an e-mail message to:

wackoNOSPAM413 [at] hotmail d0tt c0m

As you may have noticed, the e-mail address has been "encoded" to fail spam harvesters. So here is how to properly read it:

- To obtain the e-mail address account name (the part before the "@"), remove the letters "NOSPAM". Example: goNOSPAMVets would be "goVets".
- The domain name is not scrambled and can be taken at face value.
- The locations of the '@' sign, the '.' and the word "com" should be quite obvious.

I apologize for making it difficult to contact me. However if I did not, the address would be harvested by a spam bot, which would then flood the account with E.D. medication ads.