Season in Retrospect
Team silence critics with 2 1/2 wins in second season

Team Photo 2009

When coach Wolan announced that the team would “double their wins over the 2008 season or better”, the critics laughed claiming that the team could not get it done. But with the 2009 season over and 2½ wins in the books, the question now being asked is “why didn’t the team do better”?

For those with an inquiring mind that would like to know, we invite you to browser through our team website. Thanks the talents of the photography core, the writing staff, and the website team, the public can find answers to these questions and more, including:

  • What happened to Ajeet after he was overcome by the excitement
        of Game 5
  • Which player was known for using the "Bats of Fury" maneuver?
  • Who retired mid-way through the season?
  • What was Alex's witty come-back that upset the opposing pitcher?
  • Why did A-WOL dance the Kazachok while making a play at second?
  • Which player recently starred in the hit musical "Dances with bats"?
  • Whom did President Obama say "acted stupidly" during a game?
  • What scared away the Dominican All Star Team from playing?
  • Why did the team forfeit a playoff game?
  • Which player was accused of “frolicking” in right field?
  • Who's a better hitter: Grimard or Gregorio?
  • And most of all, "How do I get to the field"?
  • So pull-up a chair, grab some peanuts and Cracker Jacks and enjoy what is quite possibly the best softball team website on the Internet.

    Andy Wolan
    Team Skipper

    HEADLINES ::::::
    Team Holds Surprise Appreciation Party for Coach
    Summary of Top Player Stats for 2009
    Team Ends Playoff Run with a Forfeit
    Make-Up Game Date and Format Announced
    Team Ends Playoff Game in a “Double Win”
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    Faked Fall on Field Draws Controversy in UK
    Team Snags Second Win of Season
    Jerry Buote Announces Retirement
    Injury Update
    Team Collects First Win of Season
    Writing Staff Celebrates 80th Game Summary
    Team undefeated after two games …
    Teague Placed on IR; Out for Season
    Verdasys Softball Returns for 2009 Season

    STANDINGS ::::::
    W L T PPD
     Tufts Health Plan Corp
    6 1 0 4
     Thermo Fisher
    6 1 0 1
     Mass Medical Society
    4 3 0 1
    3 4 0 2
    3 4 0 3
     Up To Date
    3 4 0 2
    2 5 0 2
     University Office Park
    1 6 0 1